Reformed    Evangelical    Presbyterian

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What to Expect

Thanks for your interest in our church! We are here to serve God and to serve one another. If you decide to visit, here are a few things that you can expect when you walk through our doors. 

We are a Gospel focused church. 

The central focus of our worship is the Lord Jesus Christ who is the “Word made flesh”.

At our services, and indeed in the whole of our lives, we believe that our worship must be guided and helped by the Holy Spirit. We believe that we are to make much of Him (John 3:30) 

We are a multi-generational church

You will find that both young and old worship together during Sunday morning corporate worship. We believe that the preached Word of God ought to be heard by all, regardless of age, and that there is rich blessing when families worship together.  Although children are welcomed and encouraged to stay with the congregation, there is space available at some of our sites should families need to step out.

We offer simple Biblical praise.

If visiting the PEI Free Church, you will find a simplicity of worship. We sing, we pray, we give, and we hear God's Word preached to us.

Most of our churches historically sing unaccompanied Psalms but some have chosen to add Biblical hymns with simple accompaniment.  Singing God’s truth, whether Psalms or other Biblical praise, is a truly enriching experience; and is a way of absorbing his Word into our hearts and allowing it to nourish us.

A common Sunday Morning service looks like this: 

  • Call to Worship
  • Song of Praise
  • Prayer
  • Scripture Reading
  • Song of Praise
  • Offering
  • Scripture reading
  • Sermon (30-35minutes)
  • Closing prayer
  • Song of Praise
  • Benediction
Questions and Answers

What should I wear? 

We want you to come just as you are. There is no dress code at our churches and we are simply happy to have you join us.  You will find most members though will typically dress business-casual at our congregations. 


How long are the services?

Most services will last one hour, although they may run a little longer.


Do you have a Sunday School? 

Some of our sites do have adult and children's Sunday School that typically occurs prior to the Sunday Morning service. Please contact one of our staff for further details. 


Is there a mid-week Bible Studies or Prayer groups? 

Most of our congregations do have mid-week bible studies and prayer groups. Should you be interested, please contact one of our staff and they will gladly get in touch.