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Camp Registration is Open!

Camp Registration is now open!

Link to the registration can be found here:

Who is camp for?

Camp is for everyone aged 9-16 years! We focus on teaching and practicing elements of the Christian faith but we welcome everyone to hear the good news of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, and what it means for you. We especially welcome you if you have not heard the good news yet.

When is Camp?

Camp is August 14th-19th at Canoe Cove Christian Camp!

How much does Camp cost?

The cost of camp is $175 for the week (Monday - Saturday)

Purpose of Camp:

Our camp’s goal is to nurture and develop Christian character in an atmosphere of fun and outdoor recreation. We study God’s word throughout the day through daily devotions and group discussions. We believe the gospel is for everyone, and we believe children can have an intimate relationship with our Lord.
We also hope to create a fun week for campers with activities such as swimming, sports, crafts, working in teams, learning, music, and much more. Thanks for looking into our camp! We hope you fill out this application and join us for camp!


If you would like to contact us, you can email us at